Copywriting for Advertising/Marketing & PR

Direct response. Marketing collateral. Print ads. Digital or web copy. White papers. Videos. Press releases. B2B. B2C. Trade. Internal communications.

You need advertising or marketing copywriting. That takes a seasoned copywriter who can get the job done — exceptionally well.

Perhaps you’re an advertising, marketing or digital agency, or a design firm, and your in-house creative staff is swamped. Or you’re an international brand that needs an integrated marketing campaign transcreated to “American English.”

Maybe you’re a startup that needs a freelance SEO copywriter to write your website content. Or a small or medium-sized business with a one-off need for a brochure, video, or direct mail campaign.

With years of experience under her belt, Leslie Fox knows how to navigate virtually every type of project and timeframe — easily, efficiently and successfully. It’s no wonder Leslie Fox is called on to write copy by clients — year and year.

Whatever your project or industry — from travel, banking, retail, and insurance, to technology, real estate, and manufacturing — Leslie Fox brings a great deal of experience to the table, with an extensive portfolio and happy clients to prove it.