Will it help or harm? What ethics has to do with advertising.

You’re an ad agency, a branding firm, a Creative — you want to produce good work and pay the bills. You get a new client or project that can mean big bucks. Most people don’t think twice — they take the project, no questions asked. But…

Will it help or harm people or society?

How many times have I seen people taking on projects or signing with clients without any sense of responsibility for what they’re helping to sell. Psych drugs that kill, GMO food, etc.

No, it’s not just a job or a project. If you’re helping to sell it, you have a hand in its detrimental effects, for this generation and the next. It comes down to ethics. Right and wrong. Responsibility.

Need the work? Wait for the next project or client, and be able to sleep at night. In advertising or not, we’re here to help, not harm.

Just my two cents.